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In a league in which the “smart teams” are all trying to follow the Sonics/Thunder model of being terrible for several years in order to stockpile lottery picks and then get the most value out of them before turning them into more draft picks, the Milwaukee Bucks seem to simply be trying to tread water and make the playoffs every year. It’ll be interesting to see whether that approach works out for them this year. My suspicion is that it will, since every other team in their vicinity (except maybe the Raptors) will be attempting to plummet to the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings like Operation Dumbo Drop.

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All the logo needs is asimple cartographic shift, like when the ACC had to expand the northern reach of its map to include Boston College. And don think the Islanders won be Islanders because they moving to Brooklyn. That still part of Long Island, despite the colloquial use of Long Islandreferring to anything east of the five boroughs..

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