COVID 19 update: 758 new cases; case rate declining but 17 counties show ‘concerning’ trendPa. Coronavirus update: 758 new cases; statewide case rate declining but 17 counties show ‘concerning’ trend; breastfeeding during COVID 19 Pa. Coronavirus map (08/07/20)Pa.

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The biggest takeaway of the grand and minutely choreographed ceremony was the conflation of Yogi with Modi. Yogi at 48 is virtually the Sangh designated heir and successor to Modi, not least because he is running the politically most significant state of Uttar Pradesh which sends 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha. A very senior RSS leader told me, “Who can be possibly more ‘bhagua’ (saffron) than Modi, whom we consider the tallest PM of India with his historic decisions on Kashmir and Ram Lalla, but Yogi? If Yogi becomes PM, India will be painted saffron.”.

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