Playing without fans inside the arena is going to be strange, for sure, but the NHL has big plans for how to make things feel like home. The Blues have provided their own goal horn, goal song and even Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver to give Rogers Place a hometown feel. Chances are you might see a video of Towel Man counting down goals for games designated as Blues home games, too!.

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Can they do it? The confidence of the masses was slipping wildly Wednesday, and with good reason. If you include the 0 4 2 slump at the end of the season and the exhibition loss to Nashville, the Stars have lost nine in a row. Now, the players and coaches will say that’s ridiculous.

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Genetic engineering, or the modifying of plant genetics, is a ruse by industrious companies, seeking bigger profits, with a total disregard to the environmental and consumers health. Doug Gurian Sherman a plant pathologist and senior scientist in the USA, states that transgenic seed may lessen the use of pesticides but increases the use of herbicides. Other experts argue that the genetically manipulated crop may pose serious health and environmental risks..

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