Maybe, and I just spit balling now, Cannon is opting out because he a cancer survivor and considered high risk for COVID 19. None of these players should need those excuses to justify opting out. Just wanting to protect themselves and their families from a disease that ravages the body should be enough of a reason.

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You can use short video content from Blab and other apps like Periscope. Posts with graphics are gaining more attention. Tweets with images get more clicks.. 21,000 Crores and a 65%positive gap versus RBI requirement of negative 15%. There are questions on what would happen if RBI went out and made the structural liquidity requirement instead of minus 15%, to 0%, (hypothetically). In that case, instead of 9,600 crore that we can additionally borrow today would go down to 7,200 crore So in general quite comfortable with the behavioralized ALM.

In the meantime, order food for delivery on occassion. Take a warm bath to ease some of your aches. Do some stretching, it’s amazing how much a downward dog can ease that lower back pain. To be honest, the change was NOT good for me in many ways. But a year later, I have found one way that it was good for me. I did not realize it but I had lost some of my creative spirit.

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