I used to do the same [0], quite a while ago now, until I discovered Screenly Open Source Edition [1]. There are a lot of tweaks to get right, and it does video, images and web pages. Last time I did this the Pi was a bit underpowered for some JavaScript heavy dashboards and the Wi Fi was really flaky.

cheap canada goose uk “The Queensland Government also supports the National Rental Affordability Scheme, which is increasing the supply of affordable rental housing across Australia. Queensland has 11,284 approved NRAS incentives, which is the largest share of all states and territories. The Sunshine Coast region has been allocated 928 NRAS properties. cheap canada goose uk

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canada goose Ram eats the mango with bite marks, and not the one without bite marks, thus rejecting caste purity rulesThe story of Ram eating the jhoota ber (tasted berries) of Sabari is found not in Valmiki or Tulsi Ramayana but in Bhakti ras bodhini by Priyadas, a collection of stories of Vaishnava saints, written in Braj bhasa in the 18th century. However, 200 years before that, we find a story in an Odiya Ramayana that may have inspired it. While searching for Sita, Ram meets a tribal man (Sabara) and a tribal woman (Sabari) who wash his feet and offer him a mango. canada goose

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uk canada goose The textile sector was dependent on cotton. “And we must have policies and incentives to move to higher end farm products,” he said, adding that high interest rates harm the economy.”SMEs are important. They employ a large number of people. We’ll see what happens.”Ames started his final round on the back nine and recorded eight straight pars before just missing an eagle putt on the par 5, 18th hole in front of his hometown fans.The native of Trinidad and Tobago, who became a Canadian citizen in 2003 in his adopted hometown of Calgary, said he enjoyed hearing all the cheers from fans throughout the three day event.”I got it every morning when I got on the tee and everything too, so it was fantastic,” he said. “That’s the beauty of playing at home.”Although he’s thinking of taking a break from golf, Ames vowed that he’ll be back again next year for the third annual Shaw Charity Classic.”That is the goal, to get everything back in order and go from there,” he said.FRED IN A FUNK AFTER FINAL ROUNDDespite shooting a 4 under 66 on Sunday, Fred Funk wasn’t pleased with his final score.”It’s hard to be disappointed with a 66, but I’m really pissed with 66,” said Funk, who finished in a tie for 27th at 6 under. “I played really, really good today uk canada goose.

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