No big deal.To put that number in perspective, the 0 6 Cincinnati Bengals have 1,500 to 1 odds of making the postseason. They’re not even in the same universe as the Dolphins.Related StoriesFive Things That Are Sure to Cheer Up Depressed Miami Dolphins FansA Dolphins Fan Made NSFW Sunglasses That Perfectly Sum Up This SeasonThe Dolphins Won the Tank Bowl Thanks to a Crucial Kenyan Drake DropSports Betting Dime goes even further in explaining just how bad the Dolphins are this season by pointing out Miami’s point differential is sitting at 138 after five games, putting the team on pace for 441. To give some historical context, the worst point differential in NFL history was 287 by the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Those odds come after four of the first five Dolphins games were played at home.

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