Repeated sero surveillance will help us understand what proportion of people has been exposed since the last round and tell us whether the circulation is still on. It will also help us understand the proportion of cases that actually need medical attention it shows so far is that a majority of the cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. However, we still do not know whether the presence of the antibodies will protect against a second infection and whether enough number of people with such protection can create a barrier and protect others from the infection, said Dr Lalit Kant, former head of epidemiology at ICMR..

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If you had unprotected sex and don’t want to get pregnant right now, you may want emergency contraception. Like other forms of birth control, emergency contraception stops you from getting pregnant. The difference is that you can take it after you had sex.

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Take the time to get to know your colleagues and their personal and professional goals. Sharing an experience with a teammate can go a long way. No one says you have to play therapist, or over share personal information, but getting to know the basics of your future team is important.

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