To accomplish their research, the Tufts University team visited several fast food and sit down restaurants in Massachusetts, Arkansas and Indiana during the first six months of 2010. They bought 269 food items from the menus and then brought them back to the lab for analysis. None of the researchers told their server or the restaurants what they were actually doing..

Drum music books are always recommended to students from day one. You are often told that you need to buy a whole host of books just to study with a drum teacher but do you really need to use drum books to learn music? or can you make do without? After all music is about conveying emotions, having fun, relaxing and enjoying yourself. Can a text book make you do that more effectively?.

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4. Football School Activities: I will always remember the pep rallies, marching bands, and homecoming festivities we had during my junior and senior years on the varsity. Most of all I remember the first pep rally we had when I was junior. One thing great about coaches in the West Valley is we don’t like to complain. It will be challenging. It’s something different.

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