Court is one of a kind and will be the perfect place for farmworker families to call home. Guadalupe Court is comprised of 38 brand new rental units (1, 2, and 3 bedroom). Amenities include a spacious outdoor courtyard, onsite laundry facilities, a barbecue area, playground, and community center.

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In just his first season as a starter, Darren Waller produced at a high level for the now Las Vegas Raiders. Waller led the team in receptions (90) and receiving yards (1,145). He is a true mismatch type of player, with the athleticism to run away from linebackers but the size to create space against defensive backs.

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After threatening multiple times to veto legislation to ensure Right to Know (RTK) requests are handled promptly during times of emergency, the governor has allowed House Bill 2436 to become law without his signature. It hardly a ringing endorsement, and it clear from the governor own statement about the bill (he called it and his heart isn in it. But he also realized that when a government transparency bill passes both the House and Senate by a unanimous, bipartisan vote, and when the media and the public are loudly calling for him to sign the bill, he doesn really have any choice but to make it law..

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