Let say Ts full buy and CTs have half bought (3 famas, 1 AWP Glass Cannon and 1 M4 no head armour) The Ts are up 14 13 in game 3 of a BO3. Ts have poor economy and have around 0 $400 left after buy. CTs have equally low money, thus leading them to try and a) win the round but if that accomplished b) dont lose any guns..

“And yes, there’s going to be concerns, but our guys are being responsible as much as we can in these situations. Yes, there’s family concerns, everybody is going to miss their families, and these are tough situations. But there’s a passion for basketball and a love for the game, to play the game at a high level.”.

First, let’s just point out that I’m an INTP. That’s half of the problem right there. For an example, I’ll be watching a hockey game, and I’ll see how passionate everyone is about it, and then I will think how strange it is that everyone is so passionate about something so trivial.

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