I think the fans will benefit from this great change. Can you imagine every year you have a one game playoff like we had in the 2011 season? Every year we get to watch four teams battle it out just to go to the playoffs. Right after that we jump into playoff series and then a world series.

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I have a group of friends with whom we used to sing in a choir in Canberra. They are ten, some twenty years older than me. Bush walking and music and many other passion like quilting, bird watching, just to mention a few, have been the source of joy in their lives.

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But the 41 year old said: “There’s never been any pressure from above. Let’s not forget, we started with nine points from nine games. It wasn’t the start I was looking for and it wasn’t the start the players were looking for but I never once got any pressure from above.

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If you like great food then you will no doubt love Cheesecake Factory recipes. They are one of the most popular restaurant chains in the States with more than 160 outlets around the country. They originated as a factory producing pastries and then branched out into the restaurant business later.

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