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The film won a pair of awards at the Vancouver International Film Festival. It has since been screened in a variety of places and last week aired on Sportsnet across Canada.She said her mentor, noted sports documentarian Jonathan Hock, helped connect her with ESPN programming department. She first met Hock after she graduated from film school in 2011.been following the project for a very long time, she said of the folks at ESPN.

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“Well, it means that people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their background. Because we’re all human. We all have emotions, and we all can feel the same way. New coach Mark Jackson is committed to instilling a new found intensity and desire on the defensive end. These guys already know that they can score as well as anyone in the league. If they can start protecting their own basket and limit other teams’ opportunities, it should result in more wins for the home team..

Well it has been 12 years since starting my eBay business and it is much larger than it was when I started it. Now mind you it is not at the point yet where I can sit back with my feet up counting my hundred dollar bills. I still work it to not only sustain it but to find ways to grow it.

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