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Cheap Jerseys from china The Old Trafford Megastore has been closed for two months and there will not be a lucrative pre season trip to China or India.United have the financial muscle to pay their employees in full and did not take advantage of the government furlough scheme. It is still fanciful to expect them to spend anywhere near as much as the 148m they committed to last summer.Read MoreUnited are running out of room for LingardUnlike the majority of Premier League clubs executives, Woodward raised his head above the parapet to communicate during the UK lockdown through the fans forum last month.”As ever, our priority is the success of the team but we need visibility of the impact across the whole industry, including timings of the transfer window, and the wider financial picture, before we can talk about a return to normality,” Woodward explained.”On this basis, I cannot help feeling that speculation around transfers of individual players for hundreds of millions of pounds this summer seems to ignore the realities that face the sport.”Woodward spoke on the fans forum last monthThat killed the spurious speculation surrounding a 200m offer for the Tottenham striker Harry Kane and has emboldened Borussia Dortmund in their efforts to keep Jadon Sancho for another year.Dortmund could have commanded 150m for Sancho, 20, last year but his valuation has been slashed by not just the coronavirus crisis but the contract he is running down into the last two years. Dortmund are reputed to want 120m and the exchange rate is currently weighted in United favour; 120m amounts to 107m.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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