Coronavirus epidemic first appeared.But the county now has the highest rate of cases per capita in Washington, at 892 positive test results per 100,000 residents, according to the latest report by the state Department of Health.The surge in cases since mid July has overwhelmed two Okanogan County public hospitals, which are having to refer COVID 19 patients to larger medical centers in distant cities.Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster, Wash., has no intensive care units or ventilators, said Scott Graham, the hospital’s chief executive officer.”I’ve got tired nurses, and I’ve got tired doctors,” he said. “We’re taxed to the limit Cheap Jerseys free shipping right now with the amount of care that’s needed.”Helicopters land frequently to transport COVID 19 patients to bigger hospitals, Graham said. He said that Three Rivers and North Valley Hospital, which he also heads, in nearby Tonasket, have enough coronavirus test kits, but results often take 10 days or more, hampering efforts by contact tracers to map and prevent the spread of the disease.What’s more, mask wearing and social distancing are still not common in the county, Graham said.”I wish I could look around and see everybody wearing masks and taking precautions,” he said.

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