Sean Meagher/StaffA surprise turnTogiai gets teased by family and friends for how much he admires Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony.However, like Anthony, Togiai gained a reputation for being able to take over games offensively at Hunter High School. Coach Robb Collins says Togiai was so athletically gifted that he could turn the tide of a game in a matter of minutes.”We’d be down 10, and the next thing I know, he’d have 10 straight points and a couple of dunks,” Collins told NJ Advance Media. “He just had a second gear that couldn’t be matched at our level.”While Collins had players receive scholarship offers from schools like Boise State and Utah State in the past, he is adamant that Togiai was on a different level than anyone he’s coached at the high school level.”He’s the best athlete in Utah that I’ve ever coached,” Collins said.Togiai was recruited by schools like Utah, Utah State and Oregon State to play basketball.

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