The official page of Lee County Sheriff office shared the incident along with a picture of the alligator standing at the corner. District Deputies Hernandez and O responded to a call for service at Estero Parc in reference to residents trapped in an elevator. They were unable to exit because of an alligator at the elevator doors, read the caption..

A double coated dog that is regularly groomed will cope well with heat as the guard hairs deflect the sun from the skin. Your dog might feel hot on the surface of his fur, but plunge your fingers beneath and his skin will feel cooler. In fact, many double coated dogs cope better with heat than single coat breeds with shorter coats..

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Luke’s University Hospital and was arrested, Bethlehem police said.Rosado was held on $510,000 bail in the rape case and a separate simple assault case.He had a preliminary hearing, and the rape and other charges were sent to Northampton County Court.At his formal arraignment, Rosado said prosecutors offered him a plea deal if he pleaded guilty to the rape charge. He declined. Rosado said he also refused to sign a waiver to a speedy trial in the case.Majewski said when her office received the new evidence earlier this year, she worked with Rosado’s attorney to modify the bail while they continued investigating.”As we were able to get that information, it just cast a reasonable doubt” on the allegations, Majewski said.

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