Asked whether he a fan of hockey, Canada national pastime, Bank of Nova Scotia Chief Executive Officer Richard Waugh reached into his wallet and produced a pair of cards.They don display Sidney Crosby goals or Alexander Ovechkin assists. One is a Visa credit card featuring the logo of the National Hockey League Toronto Maple Leafs; the other is a debit card declaring him a fan of his hometown Winnipeg Jets.Scotiabank expects about one million customers to follow Waugh lead, part of a marketing strategy designed to get younger customers in the door of Canada third largest bank buying mortgages, credit cards and other a game changer for us, Waugh, 64, said in an interview last month in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Trying to focus on what important in people lives, and then making sure we can motivate them to take products and services from us.

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wholesale nba jerseys Wayne Gretzky, the world greatest hockey player, wasn just a hero in the Singh household. He was a veritable god. As a kid, Harnarayan insisted his family celebrate their hero birthday 26 making prasad, a traditional Indian sweet used for religious ceremonies..

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nba cheap jerseys That what makes golf the most relatable pro sport. Don get me wrong, there is nothing relatable physically or skillfully between them and us, but what we have in common is the insanity of golf. And that can be felt at any level. Some NHL fathers maintained a more active role in their sons’ hockey development. Alexander Nylander is the son of Michael Nylander, who played 15 seasons. Alexander’s brother William was a first round pick of the Maple Leafs in 2014 nba cheap jerseys.

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