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wholesale nba jerseys from china About Us,Chants of “Let’s go Coy otes!” and “Stay away Canada!” filled the air as about 200 Valley ice hockey fans in white rallied to show their support for keeping the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale.The surprise wasn’t so much that the much vaunted “Destroy your BlackBerry!” protest didn’t happen (and if one did get smashed, it was such a non event that nobody at the rally noticed), but that the Canadian media and hockey fans were out en masse on Saturday. Turns out, the Valley’s got a lot of Canadian transplants who want to keep the Coyotes here.The turnout for the “2009 Save the Coyotes White Out Rally” was better than expected, said Travis Harr of the Save the Coyotes Coalition, which organized the rally. “The media was saying we’d be lucky to get 50 people,” he said wholesale nba jerseys from china.

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