It’s techically not a rebrand, but it very much feels that way, this is 480/580 with just a very minor die shrink. As for power savings, do you really think they can bump clocks and save a noticeable amounts of power at the same time going from 14 to 12?Depends on what the real improvement on 12NM is compared to 14NM. If we’re looking at the RX580 it’s a 180W power enveloppe.

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Make sure that you read this article to find out more information on washing your hair. These are great when you need to go somewhere and you need to dry and style your hair as soon as possible. However, they also seriously damage your hair in the long run and make it lose its natural sheen and smoothness.

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The government of Sindh has joined hands with a development partner and a content development company from the private sector and launched a mobile phone app for students of Grades 1 5. Students in Grades 6 12, however, have been left on their own in Sindh. These initiatives assume widespread and affordable access to the internet and /or TV by children..

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