In the presence of hundreds of the repairing shops working in Miami, it, sometimes, becomes difficult to choose the best option. It could be a tiring and expensive process. At D Auto Group, we try our best to make the process easier for you to give you a customized, high quality, state of the art body work service.

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C pen: If you do not want to damage the touch screen of your phone by tapping it through fingers, then you can purchase the Samsung C pen. People with sharp nails can only text properly but using nails may cause harm to the screen and destroy the sensitive touch screen. Hence, using a c pen is a much better option.

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While the double digit de growth over the past three months has caught the attention of many, carmakers have been actually trundling along a wobbly path from the second half of 2018 19. After a comfortable ride in the first half of FY19, passenger vehicle sales started going downhill from the September quarter when it slipped 3.6 per cent. As a short term example, we can recall the Kerala floods in August last year that slammed immediate brakes on passenger vehicle sales.

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