Can you just change it? It insulting to so many people, Brown said. Don know why it taken this long. The Clan was at least associated to mean and represent something completely different. “It was all done out of Mount Isa and it wasn’t easy keeping a low profile.” The hyped, mock movie Dundee was in fact a massive tourism campaign to lure more US tourists to our shores though many are now calling for the film to be re made. The Federal Government decided last April to buy a prime time advertising spot during the American NFL Super Bowl, one of the most watched TV shows in the States and across the world. More than 400 million people have been reached on social media platforms and the video is likely to be a bonanza for Adels Grove resort which is located 10km from the Lawn Hill Gorge, Boodjamulla National Park and 50km from the world heritage Riversleigh fossil fields Mr Murray said Hemsworth was blown away by the natural beauty of Boodjamulla National Park, 300m north west of Mount Isa and it is only likely to add to the tourism potential of the region.

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