Documents were turned over to the Florida Commission on Ethics by Christopher Kise, a well known Tallahassee attorney representing lobbyist Adam Corey. Kise was once Florida solicitor general and served on the transition team of Republican Gov. Rick Scott when he won in 2010..

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That one case went to trial and, three years after its dismissal, this $85,000 a year employee recovered less than was originally offered an amount under $10,000.Furthermore, we found what we believed to be an error in the trial judge decision and appealed to that province Court of Appeal. The employee cross appealed on the basis that the amount awarded was insufficient.In a 2 1 split decision, the majority left the judgement as is but awarded no costs in part because my legal argument was not unreasonable. The dissenting judge would have reduced the award by several thousand dollars more leading to a judgement just over $5,000.

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