The previous November, the owners had hired a New York City lawyer named Richard Ravitch to be their chief negotiator. Vincent knew Ravitch was counseling the owners to go to war with the players when the collective bargaining agreement expired at the end of 1993. He knew this was a bad idea.

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The course can take bribes or shave points. There are no referees to yell at or teammates to accuse of it. It just you and 26.2. The cops came and went without incident, deeming her setup safe Bell has been fully booked since then. She herself has been cutting the hair of about eight customers a day, and having to send people away who try to walk in for trims off the street. She says she even serviced two customers who traveled in from out of state: one from South Carolina and one from Florida.

First, let me warn you that I am a proud male chauvinist. On a general level, I believe that males are and should be the traditional head of the family and home, with wife serving as counsel (working on the assumption that he has his family’s, and not his own interests at heart). As a pragmatic rather than emotional decision maker (again, working on positive assumptions), his should be the final word insofar as what is in the family’s interests.

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