We have yet to see if the BTS boys will maintain their friendship years down the line, but I have a feeling they will. Or at least I hope so. Wonder what I be doing then. The Fuel went ahead for the second time at the 3:35 mark of the third period, when Spencer Watson wired in a wrist shot from the right circle. Indy was very close to locking down a win, but with two seconds left, Wheeling had other ideas. Brandon Hawkins wheeled his way into the right circle, where he drilled a shot into the top right corner, sending a 2 2 tie to overtime..

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Definitely feels good. It a small sample size, but I do feel I played well and I want to keep building off of that. 25. A report by Niche, Inc. Ranks 42 Long Island schools in the top 100 in the state. There are 240 private schools as well, and combined there are nearly a half a million students taught by approximately 35,000 teachers in the public and private school systems.

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