Shenanigans targeting those who cannot speak for themselves are scandalous, with the latest outrage the reversal of the reinstatement of the ban on the importation of animal body parts from African elephants and other wildlife in Zambia and Zimbabwe that had been reversed. Confusing? Extremely. Fish and Wildlife Service announced lifting the ban on the import of elephant parts from trophy hunting in Zambia and Zimbabwe, generating widespread outrage.

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After snuffing out Ricky Rubio’s potential go ahead shot from 11 feet with 12 seconds left, Clippers center Ivica Zubac collected the defensive rebound and looked to pass upcourt for a teammate in transition, hoping to finish the comeback. But Zubac’s pass was tipped by Phoenix’s Mikal Bridges with eight seconds to play. The ball soon found Booker, and the surprising Suns 12th in the Western Conference standings moved to 3 0 in Orlando after Booker drained the last of his 35 points..

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