Simmons next broaches the subject of MVPs and the random, arbitrary way the NBA selects them. He categorizes the questionable award winners into groups, from “questionable but okay” to “outright travesty.” In the end, Simmons offers us the crowning achievement of his book: his five level pyramid Hall of Fame. Simmons imagines a real, five story pyramid (plus a basement) serving as a monument to the 96 greatest players of all time.

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So much love:And the former New England Patriots player had his post too. ‘The first slide is where we met and the second slide is what we’ve become. You have always been the one to hold us up and you love us the way no one else can. All he wanted to do was get his crop in but Al Lettieri (even uglier) wanted him dead. Charlie turned the tables though. Then there was Bronson’s best role ever.

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