I supose i’m talking about a level of comfort and connection. People who you can rant to and who will CARE, not just humor you. And on the flip side, people who feel comfortable really bringing their problems to you. The BLM has listed various takes on the Greater Sage Grouse as the primary threat to the birds health: energy production, any sort of infrastructure, habitat fragmentation, invasive weeds and fire. Mention of fire as a negative for Grouse health appears misplaced since fire has a role to play in a healthy prairie. Long term fire supression is probably a greater threat than simply fire..

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It assumes a high moral vantage and conjures an image of crowding out, of post racial magnanimity having so overtaken the NBA and the culture at large that small mindedness just starves for sunlight and dies. The sentiment is more powerful and optimistic than merely condemning Sterling statements as ignorant; it a dismissal. It a verdict.

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