But now there’s Ryan Tannehill, Miami’s 2012 first round draft pick, who has taken up the hope mantle and will try to bring that elusive thing called “winning” to a disillusioned fan base. In his rookie season, Tannehill threw for 3,294 yards that’s more than Marino threw in his rookie year. Tannehill also chucked 12 TDs and finished the season with a respectable 58.3 completion percentage.

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Chewing sugar free gum has aesthetic benefits, as well. It can ward off bad breath and brighten your smile. By washing away the food debris that may have remained in your mouth from your last meal, chewing gum rids your mouth of any lingering odors.

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Snyder must go. If Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t think he has leaguewide support to force Snyder all the way out, he should figure out a way to make him a figurehead owner who takes the money but leaves it to the league to build a functioning organization. If Goodell doesn’t have the spine for it, those corporate sponsors should apply the same pressure that worked in convincing Snyder to change the team name..

There are also pescatarians, who eat fish and seafood; and lacto vegetarians, who eat dairy products but not eggs. Fruitarians follow a diet that includes fruits, nuts, seeds, and other plant food. Those who follow a macrobiotic diet eat mostly grains but can also eat fish.

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