As the former general manager of the Hurricanes, Rutherford had acquired Mark Recchi and Doug Weight at the 2005 06 trade deadline in similar deals. At the time, Recchi was 37 years old and had gone 13 years since winning his only championship. Weight was 34 and had never won a championship in his 13 years in the league..

Heads of governmentThe AmericasVoters and votingThat doesn’t mean Republicans will be out of luck there. Republican candidate and businessman Shawn Moody, who has cast himself in political outsider brand of the more brash and outspoken Trump and LePage, is competing against Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills, and two independent candidates Alan Caron and Terry Hayes. The Suffolk poll shows the two main candidates receiving 39% support each, with Caron and Hayes at 3% and 4%, respectively..

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