Students here are eager to try out new ways of thinking and doing. They dedicate their hearts and minds to escalation, and eagerly build up skills in the course of energetic effort and strength of mind. They pay attention, try, revamp, and retool until the best effort rewards them with success.

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There is no going back now (unless you’re Fireman Ed), so you might as well find your tribe. (And we might as well help you do that, mainly so you’re all in one place and not bothering the rest of us.) Hammerjacks is a bar inside a bowling alley were Jets fans stage watch parties every week. You might think the previous sentence is a joke, but it’s a totally serious thing on which we are totally not passing judgment.

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If a Tennessee win is coupled with a Bengals loss, a Jets win and either a Raiders or Broncos loss, they should be in. If the Jets lose they need the Raiders and Broncos to win. I think. COVID 19 continues its rampage through the country as people in Utah and just about everywhere else no longer care to wear masks or do social distancing. They are done with the virus, but the virus may not be done with them. Well, as they say in Gov.

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