Listening to every sound it makes to make sure it has good health and does not become over tired. He knows that if he treats the car right, the car will treat him right. Push too hard and the car will refuse commands, or even bite back. ATLANTA (AP) Nick Markakis capped his first start of the season with a game ending home run in the ninth inning that lifted the Atlanta Braves to a 4 3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. Markakis lined the one out homer off Wilmer Font that carried into the restaurant behind the right field stands. Markakis was added to the active roster on Wednesday.

Andreo knew that photographing the Roadster would be a challenge, since it was over a million miles away at the time. But he has the experience and equipment to pull it off. The first task was to determine where the Tesla would be in the sky. He shined at World Juniors for Team Canada, scoring four goals and adding six assists in five games as the Canadians took gold. He was named to the tournament All Star Team, won Best Forward and MVP. He played alongside Devils prospects Nolan Foote, Ty Smith and Kevin Bahl in the tournament..

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