The downtown district boasts plenty of posh properties, like the whimsical Lancaster Arts Hotel and the Cork Factory Hotel. But for an unforgettable (and private) stay, turn to one of the city’s unique Airbnb rentals, like The Getaway, imagined by Lancaster based Flawless Faade Designs. While in town, be sure to peruse the country’s oldest continuously operated public farmers’ market; grab a nitro cold brew from Caf One Eight (which rivals any trendy Brooklyn coffeehouse); or soak in the open air, 360 degree views from The Exchange rooftop bar and lounge..

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In the second box, which I call the future box, put all of your future worries and what ifs, that may or may not happen, and that you can do nothing about right now. Put all of the unhelpful places your mind wanders to in that box. For many people, that second box can be quite large..

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That because the city has historically paid exceedingly well and was highly selective, choosing officers with life experience and more advanced education than many other departments. It has also, in the not too distant past, been touted as one of the most racially representative departments in the country and one with a higher percentage of female officers than most agencies could boast. The department is still diverse, according to the city most recent workforce report, but officers who left say they almost don recognize BPD these days..

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