Did Loki take the whole cut out letters from a magazine as a ransom note/blackmail letter a little too far by actually using 3D letters? Did he just go around the universe stealing random letters from signs? Are some poor independent businesses missing a letter?LOKI THE TV SERIES: WINGDINGS REVENGEThe is the thing that immediately draws your eye too first. The L looks like someone with the skill level of Microsoft word art did that and printed it out for a mom and pop idk, tile, stone, and granite shop? Something you pick out for a tile in the 80s/early 90s for a mall or office building?The is all gem like and more mystical which is in tune with Loki. Is this a promo for Bejeweled the movie? DO THE SQUINT TEST.

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It been going OK. “It’s definitely different,” Moore said about eating inside again after the temporary COVID 19 closure. “Can’t be kept in my house for too long,” he said. Not necessarily a scary one but disturbing. Uncomfortable enough to wake me up and make my whole body tremble. I looked at the watch on the nightstand.

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