Jason Arnott 1993With the seventh pick in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select from the Oshawa Generals in the OHL, Jason Arnott player that needs little introduction to New Jersey Devils fans, Jason Arnott was also a seventh overall selection. Arnott entered the NHL with a bang, off of his draft suiting up for the Oilers in 78 games during the 1993 94 season. His rookie year was a standout performance with 33 goals and 35 assists.

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Trooper Andrew Dalkiewicz said McCluskey were bloodshot and glassy, and his speech wholesale jerseys from china was slurred and sluggish as he mumbled his words. And friend who was in the truck as well as a woman driving in the car were injured in the crash. McCluskey told the trooper that he was not driving, but that his was the one behind the wheel.

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