“She was from France and she invited me back to her hometown. I got to meet some of her friends, which were all my age. It was so nice not being a tourist. It was a dramatic illustration of how the bottom had fallen out of the job market, with 20.5 million new jobless workers bringing the unemployment rate to 14.7% the highest that number has been since the end of the 1930s. News organizations, at least initially, was an explanation made by the BLS at the end of its press release on the April layoffs, explaining that the official U 3 unemployment rate, which is supposed to measure jobless people actively looking for work, was actually incorrect. In a boxed 572 word addendum appended to its press release (and referenced in a note at the top of the release) was the following explanation:There was also a large increase in the number of workers who were classified as employed but absent from work.

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