Now that we know how to grip the ball correctly and we have established our triple threat position, it is time to address our shooting technique. Coaches often instruct their players to square up to the basket before taking their shot. This means the player should have his shoulders and body facing the basket to increase the chances of scoring..

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Karmanos sold the Carolina Hurricanes to Tom Dundon on Jan. 12, 2018, after serving as principal owner/governor and chief executive officer for the franchise since 1994. Karmanos retained a minority ownership interest in the team. The first layer of nail polish is put directly onto your nail. Even though there are no harmful chemicals in most nail polishes, putting a color on first will leech the chemicals the polish is made of into your nails and cuticles. This may cause the polish to chip faster, the edge of your nail to peel or split, or color to be left behind that stains the surface of your real nail..

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