This is a big topic for me to get my head around this morning. Where’s that smoking article! lol. Like others though I agree that world peace starts with each one of us. It is [a bit bittersweet], we know that there are people that drive in from Edmonton and the surrounding area to use it and we will be the only track in the northern portion of Alberta that is available for the public to use. Contrast to other organized sports leagues, who have cancelled their summer seasons due to the virus, the Alberta BMX Association is anticipating a return to events if the province state of emergency ends June 15 as planned. A statement on their website notes that the and safety of the cycling community is their main concern and Chalmers added that, while it would be ideal to get back to business, now is not the time as he and his team cannot see how races can be done in a fun and effective way for those who want to run in them..

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