There are 5 luxury trains in India operated by state governments and IRCTC with aim to woo the tourists especially from overseas. The highlights of these train journeys are the heritage value, cultural insights and local interactions. And the allure is the state of the art amenities in guest carriages, gracious staff, on board dining and wining facility and a royal treatment throughout the journey..

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“My agent is often approached by different products and brands for me to appear in one way or another,” Favre wrote in a series of tweets. “This request was no different, and I did numerous ads for Families First. I have never received monies for obligations I didn’t meet.

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It is interesting how as we grow up and mature our thought processes change, and some people’s stay the same all their life. It seems that some people stop learning at some point in their life. I worked with a county detention center a while back and found out something interesting.

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