‘That was wicked awesome’ can be heard on the streets of Boston3. If something in particular was extremely good, then it was a ‘wicked pissa’.SportsNew Englanders are fanatics about their sports teams. The three major American sports of baseball, American football and basketball are well represented in New England.In baseball, most New Englanders root for the Boston Red Sox, a team that from 1918 to 2004 never won the baseball World Series.

People of European descent with a healthy sense of pride tend to focus on pride in the national heritage of their ancestors (German, Italian, etc). Claims of being at a disadvantage are generally false without merit. More often than not they are hollow cries of complaint at someone else requesting equality, celebrating a milestone in the direction of their goal, or when they are being acknowledged/honored by some entity..

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Free. 357 LDS Lane. 802 763 7742. Both the Habs and Flames Alumnus braved the 20 degree temperatures and provided the fans with a somewhat decent game with memories to last a lifetime. For what it worth, former NHL referee,Mick McGeough briefly took over the game, calling back to back penalty shots on both teams. Heck the Alumni even cleaned the ice surface during intermissions, which makes me believe that the NHL’s retirement fund has dried up, possibly due to some sort of Ponzi Scheme initiated by current NHLPA President Donald Fehr (allegedly)..

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