Tech Solutions


Tech Solution R&D, is an innovative and successful hardware, software and product design consultancy based company in Pakistan that provides solutions of Reverse Engineering, MCU cloning, product manufacturing, industrial automation and product advisory services. We recognize that our customers will be faced with particular challenges that cannot be serviced by traditional methods and will be looking for alternative approaches and techniques.  We provide a total one-stop electronic, software and product customization service from initial concept right through to volume production.


Company was established in July, 2002 as named Tech Solution R & D, had manufactured different range of products such as Generator module, Generator Mechanical parts, Power Analyzer, Transformers, Stabilizers, Power Supplies, UPS, Phase controlled Battery Chargers and provide services as industrial automation, installation of solar system, Traffic signaling system etc…

Tech Solution R&D not only gained experience in  manufacturing, repairing of Generator sets but also provide services as Industrial automation, Industrial Electrification, Solar System (hybrid/off-grid), Traffic Signals etc.

Tech Solution R&D is now a group of professionals, engineers and experienced peoples devoted to fulfill the customers’ expectations and satisfy their needs & requirements.

Tech Solution R&D, can provide integrated services for numerous requirements of the clients and accomplish to provide all services under one roof from basic designing up to complete solution, by developing, updating & maintaining the most suitable systems, meeting the quality expectations of the clients, covering almost all ranges from project designing to completion, supply, installation, commissioning etc.